Do 001


“Do” コンセプトストア


Let me introduce a nice shop in Madrid, Spain.

Do” is the concept store which has fresh idea and overflowing with sophisticated taste. The floor is divided into each section, Fashion & Accessories, Furniture & Decoration, Magazines, Fanzines & Stationery, Art Gallery and Café. And all parts are united by the same vision and style. This space created with “ a philosophy focused on the creation of a space integrating Art, Fashion, and Design as seen through the same lens.”

Do 002

CAST, HO-N-NE, Coutureなどなどキントー商品もお目見え。

CAST, HO-N-NE, Couture etc joined the collection.

Memory Cocina

ギャラリーではスペインのアーティストの展示会が毎月行われており、現在はMarta Botasというアーティストによる、MEMORY COCINA “キッチンの追憶” という展示が開催中です。

The several impressive exhibitions are organized in the art gallery.
A Spanish artist Marta Botas’s exhibition is being held now. The name is “MEMORY COCINA”.